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Artist Statement.


I have always loved to draw and paint.
When I was about six or seven years old my parents gave me a little board and a box of chalk and this became my favorite pastime. I used that chalk board until its black color coat was almost completely gone. My friends could tell you that my school notebooks were covered with spaceships and caricatures. It was in my late teens that I became seriously interested in the human face; there was something about it that captivated me. Particularly the eyes were the center of my attention.

In my portraits I strive to express the true essence of the subject, without unnecessary embellishment. The beauty of a person's countenance radiates from its spirit, and it's in the eyes that you can see its highest expression.

This is what my portraits are about.

Glery Becerra


Glery Becerra was born in 1967 and is a self taught painter. He considers himself an art student and plans to keep learning to perfect his art for as long as he lives. His work has been influenced by different artistic movements, but realism remains his favorite.

Many of his portraits have been done in a gray monochrome technique called "grisaille" that gives the image a timeless look. This is probably due to the great influence early photography and black and white films have in modern society. Portrait is not the only theme of Glery's work as he is also interested in landscape and still life.

Glery lives with his wife and their three children in the Salt Lake valley, Utah.